Saturday, August 16, 2014

Updates 8/16/14

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last 2+ years, I haven't gotten nearly as much as I would like to have gotten done with music in the last few years, but work and other things/people have gotten in the way. I've been trying to save up money for new gear/trying to move out of my parents house/had to buy a new car because my current commute is an hour each way.

I bought a pair of Adam A7X's a few months ago and haven't had a good amount of time to break them in yet, but I've moved my Alesis Monitor Two's into the closet for the time being because they take up half my desk. Nothing too crazy, just mostly been trying to get more equipment, rearranging, and improving them in my home studio. I'd post pictures, but it's still not impressive yet.

If anyone wants to buy me a nice house and fill it with studio equipment, I'd be okay with that.

I'm trying to get myself back into things, 2013 wasn't easy and the beginning of this year brought a lot of changes, but I'm getting things stabilized finally and trying to get myself recording and playing more than I was in the last year. My newest band, CrankPope, has played a few shows so far this year and they've gone pretty well. Other than that, I've mostly been practicing new material for other projects, and it looks like I never posted the newest Satan's Basement song on here, so I'll do that now:

I'll try and get more updates going as I get myself back on track with recording, but in the meantime... I figured I'd at least post this so everyone knows I'm still alive.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Updates 6/28/12

Heaving Mass recently posted some pictures from our session together in March-May at Wall To Wall Recording in Chicago. Go check them out on facebook, and go listen to their demo recordings to get an idea of how it'll be. If you like metal in the vein of High on Fire, you'll love Heaving Mass. I recorded drums, bass, and rhythm guitar to 2" tape. Andrew Ragin (of The Atlas Moth) at Wall To Wall has since picked up where I left off, and it's sounding awesome!

(photo taken from their facebook, L-R: me, Chris, John)

I'm working on improving my "home studio," I'll put up pictures within the next few months as I start getting things cleaned up and put together.

My session with MZRCDXVL (members of Sick/Tired and The Baptism) is still in progress. Hopefully we'll continue work on it soon sometime this summer. We have to finish guitars, vocals, and bass. Mike should have some pictures from the first session in April, so I'll post those if he sends me them. I forgot to get a bunch of fancy production shots back in April, I should have done that to make this blog post more interesting. Check them out though, they released their last full length "Conveyor Belt" earlier this year and it's awesome. Get psyched for newer recordings by listening to Conveyor Belt!

That's all the updates I have for now, follow my blog for future updates!

Monday, May 28, 2012


To introduce myself and my blog, my name is Ian Covelli and I'm a music recording/mixing engineer from the Chicago area. I went to Columbia College in Chicago majoring in Audio Arts and Acoustics - Audio Design and Production and graduated spring of 2012. I've also interned at Wall To Wall Recording in Chicago and recorded/assisted/tape operated/mixed several sessions there. In addition to recording bands, I record my own music under several different names and have collaborated with people around the world.

Some of my recent sessions have been tracking for Heaving Mass, an in progress session with MZRCDXVL, and the upcoming Satan's Basement/The Baptism split album.

If you're looking for someone to record your next album or know anyone who is, check out some samples of my work on SoundCloud and contact me so we can figure out the best way to make it happen!

Also, check out Hildsvfar Records on Facebook and read the blog.